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A little bit about me... From the hand crafted side I have been crocheting for well over 25 years. So you are assured to great a great looking product from an experienced crafter. Plus I design some of my patterns as well so you could be getting an exclusive crafted item as well. I do not sell my designs to the big crochet magazine publishers so the only way you can get it through me. From the merchandising side, what can I say I am a huge garage sale & estate sale addict. Plus I have over 10 years in retail management experience. So I know about trends and collectible hot items. I am always scouring my vendors catalogs for items that catch my eye that I know the general public will go crazy over. I try to always get the best price for the items so I can pass my savings on to you, my valued customers. 


If you are in the Central Iowa Area and are an avid Craft pattern book & magazine collector. I have the stuff for you. I am selling all kinds of general craft, crochet, plastic canvas, cross-stitch and many, many, more. books, magazine, flyers and leaflets. These are from all the major publishing houses, self publishers and everything in between, I have seen titles as old as the 1950's in the boxes I have as well as current year items. These are highly collectible items and I have numerous cases of everything so the stock there changes constantly. Click on the store picture below for directions and store hour information. We are located in Open Case# 393 which is the very last row of open cases before you get into the booth spaces. If you are facing the back of the store then we are clear in the far right of that last row, come check us out Brass Armadillo Antiques & Collectibles Mall

--Theresa,   Tessa Blue Skies Productions & Blue Skies Craftworks