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Night Vision Yarn

Posted on October 8, 2011 at 11:15 PM
Well not really... because it's yarn after all. One can NEVER have enough of it.

On the way home from work tonight I needed to stop into the local Hobby Lobby for a few things. Yarn was the most important thing but I did find a couple of other things I was looking for forever. Which will be another post soon I promise. Also my dear hubby said it was ok, well actually he didn't know I was stopping because then I would have had to come get him and go back. Hobby Lobby has stuff for guys too. I needed to pick up a shade of Sage Green Red Heart Yarn.

Here's where my problems came in....

I looked at the yarn at home and thought hmmmm... LIGHT SAGE GREEN. So that is what I bought. I was quite excited they had it because, I have had problems finding sage green in any shade in the past.

I got home and looked at the yarn that I was supposed to be matching and you guessed it... wrong shade. DRATS... what do you do now???

MMMM.... Precious yarn.... MMMM.... Precious it is...

Of course you have to keep it!! I swear I will find a use for it soon.

A side note, and why I called this post night vision yarn. I took the picture in my office chair and the lighting isn't the greatest. The shades of sage did funny things to the camera but you can still tell I bought the WRONG SHADE... I really needed to buy the Dark Sage that's draped across the top of the brand shiny new yarn.

Tomorrow I'm off to buy more yarn :) This time I will follow my own rules about yarn buying and trying to match shades and NOT eyeballing it. Yeah... like I am going to remember what the shade of green looks like at the end of the work day. So I am clipping the end and taking it with me to match it up, so I can buy more yarn.

The other funny thing about this is when I went to put it away..... I found more of the same shade. So I must be chronically terrible and matching shades by memory. SHHH.... we won't tell my husband ;)

Note: Originally Posted on September 15th, 2010 on old site.

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