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I think the links title will be the understatement of the day should have put something more like Linkapalooza, LinkFest, Linkapedia which is more like what this page will turn out to be.

I will attempt to provide links to anything I thinks is useful in the craft-worlds, hopefully with some order to it. If you run across a dead-link or you want to be on my links pages send me a shout out on the “contact me” form.

  • Links to blogs and sites that have patterns and connections for donating crochet and other crafts to various charities.

  • Learn how to create seasonal decor with Garden Art Classes these businesses offer.

  • Crochet Blogs from around the world. Most have shops available too.

  • My Jewelry Seller Fav's.

  • One of a kind Infants & Children's Clothing

  • Unique Linens for your Kitchen, Bath & Bedroom

  • Crochet Items and Patterns

  • Crochet Items and Patterns